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Like other metro cities, Digital Age is here in Guwahati. Become Digital Ready with the best digital marketing course in Guwahati offered by DigiAdzo which is filled with practical exposure. Businesses, be it small, medium or large, now realize that their audience now prefer online experience for understanding a brand and eventually becoming a customer. As a result, the digital marketing industry has significantly grown over the years with immense opportunities in the job and freelance sectors. So, are you also looking  to explore this challenging domain in Guwahati? If yes, enroll for the best digital marketing course in Guwahati which can offer you practical and in depth experience of implementing digital marketing channels. Undoubtedly, DigiAdzo is the finest digital marketing training Institute and agency in Guwahati providing resourceful and methodical knowledge transfer sessions on crucial topics like Search Engine optimization, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, Conversion Optimization Google Analytics and much more by enabling application of such topics practically in the course. DigiAdzo started it’s digital marketing training journey in 2020 and since then it has been doing excellent training programs in Guwahati and also other cities. If you are looking to learn digital marketing from the best source, here are top 5 questions that you must address and be hundred percent sure.


Is your Digital Marketing Trainer Experienced?

About DigiAdzo Trainer- Robin Sharma

The most important thing is to understand the profile of the trainer. A trainer who has abundant working experience and expertise in Digital Marketing domain will be able to pass his/her experience to the trainees which include case scenarios, campaign implementation strategies, client handling techniques and most importantly a complete practical understanding of the module. It is seen that many digital marketing training institutes hire inexperienced trainers with no work experience and hence the quality of learning becomes low. But here in DigiAdzo, the digital marketing course in Guwahati is headed by Mr. Robin Sharma who has overall 7 years of experience in digital marketing and has worked for Tier 1 clients across the globe. A complete expert and experienced professional, Mr. Robin Sharma started DigiAdzo in 2020 in Guwahati with a vision to provide the best learning experience in Guwahati for digital marketing aspirants. In almost a year, he has trained more than 100+ professionals across several batches and also conducted some successful corporate level training across top cities in India. 


Is the Digital Marketing Course Filled with Practical Experience?

Need of Practical Implementation in Digital Marketing Course

Second thing is to understand the methods followed in the course. Only a course that is designed with a practical approach can help you become a successful digital marketer.

The module at DigiAdzo follows a complete practical and in depth approach to the concepts of digital marketing. It is to be understood that learning digital marketing is not just about knowing the theoretical part of it and using the tools. A profitable digital marketing campaign starts with a proper strategy and the skills to implement the channels accordingly. Such skills can only be acquired when you undergo a training program backed by experienced trainers and a module covering the science behind digital marketing. As such, DigiAdzo is the perfect destination to avail the best digital marketing course in Guwahati where there is all round development of the trainee in all aspects and a systematic approach to learn the key concepts. DigiAdzo provides a FREE Demo Session for interested candidates where it covers the basics of Digital Marketing and also gives an overview of the process and system followed for covering the module. DigiAdzo has over 80% success ratio with the demo sessions, which means if 100 people have taken the demo, over 80 join the course as they get a clear understanding of the  quality and standard of the training program here.


What is the journey after you Learn Digital Marketing?

DigiAdzo Top Industry Certifications

Different trainees have different objectives to learn digital marketing. Some want to learn it for making a career out of it, some want to explore the freelance industry and some want to learn and implement digital marketing skills for their own startup. This is exactly what DigiAdzo understands the best in each trainee and provides personal guidance accordingly. With micro batch sizes, we offer the best digital marketing course in Guwahati to  each trainee and assist them to achieve their goals. Once the course is covered, we help our trainees pass top industry certifications from Google, Hubspot and SEMRush and provide complete placement assistance to deserving candidates. Our trainees have been placed in reputed companies such as Uber, Uplers, CuriousMind Consulting, Insight Brandcom, Tecxar and more. Many have taken up good projects as freelancers and some of them have even used the learning to grow their own businesses online. Our biggest asset is the success stories of our trainees.


What else is necessary with a Digital Marketing Course?

Additional Skills offered by DigiAdzo

To become a complete professional and excel in the corporate world, one has to be efficient with client handling skills, data management skills, communication skills and more. At DigiAdzo, besides the training module, a lot of emphasis is placed on providing expertise on such additional skills. We not only offer the best digital marketing course in Guwahati, but also provide comprehensive guidance on every aspect of making our trainees industry ready to excel in their future.


Is the Module Designed more for Money than Value?

Value over money Digital Marketing Course by DigiAdzo

The biggest error happening with digital marketing institutes is that they value money over providing a quality learning experience. Big batches, theoretical modules, inexperienced trainers are implemented just to generate higher revenue and focus is low on learning. This is what separates DigiAdzo from the rest. We value learning at the highest level and so we have the most experienced and expert trainers, micro batch sizes and our course fee is very reasonable keeping into consideration the industry scenario in Guwahati In short, we focus value over money and we offer the best digital marketing course in Guwahati with a vision to make our uplift our city and state in IT and Marketing domain