Introduction : Latest Digital Marketing Trends

The landscape of digital marketing does not remain constant. The latest change in Google’s algorithm has made SEO epic and challenging too. Now the power of SEO lies in the hands of marketers and business owners. 

It is essential to make content that is in alignment with what your customers are searching on search engines and update your website accordingly. Professionals must keep up to date with the latest digital marketing trends in the industry.

The trends which worked in the past years may not work in the same manner in 2022. Therefore, to get the optimum results for the clients, the digital markets have to be well-versed with the latest trends and technologies. 

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Given below are the five latest digital marketing trends you must know to gain insights on how you can keep up with these trends.


1. Artificial Intelligence in Marketing– The number one trend in digital marketing is Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is going to dominate every sphere of our lives shortly. Mostly, all the content in the social media platforms is controlled by Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is supposed to become a $190 billion industry by 2025 and digital marketers have a golden opportunity to make the most of this tool.


Artificial Intelligence keeps learning by gathering information about a particular field or topic and learning the patterns and techniques that work the best. JP Morgan and Chase have adopted an AI-powered content writing assistant called Persuado that is cost-efficient and accurate.


2. Augmented Reality– Augmented reality can be defined as an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that are in the real world are amplified by computer-generated perceptual information.

There are three basic features of augmented reality:

  • It has both real and virtual worlds.
  • Interaction takes place in real-time.
  • Virtual and real objects are registered by 3D accurately. 

Virtual reality is all about grand sci-fi ideas but augmented reality is to be understood from a marketing point of view. Experts predict that augmented reality will outperform virtual reality in terms of market share. Brands are using this augmented reality technology for intensifying user experience and thereby increasing sales.


3. Voice Search– Voice-activated digital assistants are highly in demand such as Alexa, Siri, or Cortana. There is a remarkable change in using keywords for voice search both at home and on our phones. You will realize that while we search into Google we frame the keywords differently than when we use Alexa for information. So, while writing content, see to it that you select keywords according to the questions people may ask when using Siri or Alexa. This will increase visibility.


Voice Search_Digital Marketing Trend


4. No-click Searches– When we want to search for something on the internet, we type the question into Google and then click on the site that answers our question or provides the information which we are looking for. Sometimes, the answer is provided to us in the form of a paragraph at the top of the result page. The answers are displayed in boxes called Position Zero in search engine results.


An image and all the information are given in an easy to recognize box. We get the answer to what we were searching for. Thus, there is no need of clicking on the entire article. This is called a no-search click also known as a featured snippet. This feature provided by Google and other search engines assists users to quickly find answers and engage them on their websites.


Business owners who are trying to attract traffic to their website may not like this feature because Google is providing the answer to their potential customers. But, there is a good side to these snippets. When search engines give results of your website on the result page, it conveys the message to the searchers that you are provisioning valuable content.


So, here lies the main trick which is to add something valuable to the snippets. That will make the reader curious to click on your website to look for more information and will keep them away from the search engine that displayed a quick answer.


Digital marketers can use no-click searches to their advantage. When people have clicked on no-click search, it means that they are halfway through and that they showing interest in what you are providing them.  So, your next step is to entice them to your website for what you have to offer to them.


Thus, a no-click search is beneficial both to the reader and the search engine company.


5. Google Verified Listings – Local businesses, such as a plumbing company or a grocery delivery store, can provide valuable information by listing themselves on Google My Business listing. It helps to establish geographical location and in showing up for “near me” searches. Customers get to know about your business while searching on Google. Customers get to view your working hours, address, reviews, and star rating given by other users.


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You should keep verifying your business listing to make sure that the information on the listing is correct and up to date. Verifying your business also has benefits. They are:

  • You will be able to handle your business information in search, maps, and on other properties of Google.
  • Businesses that are verified are considered as reliable and trustworthy than unverified businesses.
  • Verifying your business also helps in preventing any fraud where someone else may claim to be the owner of the listing.

If there is any doubt about the listing, then you can check the verification status of your Google My Business listing. If you haven’t proceeded with it, you can simply start the process so that your business gets verified by Google.



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