Introduction : Geofencing 

Competition has become very tough in the Digital Marketing sector. Marketers must be well versed with the latest technology. One such technology is Geofencing though it is not something new in the field of Digital Marketing. Geofencing lets advertisers make virtual boundaries for targeting the right audience for a business.


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What is meant by Geofencing?


Geofencing is a location-based service that makes a virtual boundary around a particular zone known as a Geofence. The purpose of Geofencing is to help advertisers and marketers to give location-specific information about their target audience.


It uses RFID, Wifi, GPS, or mobile data to give a pre-programmed targeted action on a mobile device. Geofencing is not only used in marketing but other areas as well,  like aviation or in the airspace protection of strategic infrastructure facilities.


Examples of Geofencing Marketing

  • Advertising and Marketing– Companies can promote their goods and services among users located near the brand. Special offers can be notified by retail chains to their customers.
  • Logistics – When a vehicle has reached the warehouse for loading or unloading, the warehouse operator can be notified by this service.
  • Collecting Data about Visitors– Information can be collected regarding visitors visiting a location. For example, the store owner can access the number of times of the visitors to their outlet and the time spent inside the outlet.
  • Smart Home Control– This service commands the users when they reach a geofence location to carry out certain tasks such as switching on the lights or opening a garage door.
  • Time-tracking– It is used in the human resource departments to keep a track of the number of employees at a workplace, time of arrival, and departure.
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Benefits of Geofencing


Geofencing marketing allows marketing experts to precisely target the audience based on a pre-determined location to deliver their advertising and content. Geofence can target a particular city, a Pincode, a county, a shopping mall, a store, etc. 

  • Targeting the Right Customers– Geofencing allows to reach out to the right customers. Thus, it helps in connecting strongly with people living in a particular location.
  • Data Collection– Geofencing allows marketers to collect important data and information about their customers. People living in different locations have different priorities and needs. Thus geofencing marketing strategy helps to develop advertisements and content for targeted customers. Some of the information provided by geofencing is traffic volume, duration of visits, areas visited, the effectiveness of messaging, etc.
  • Marketing Costs are reduced– Geofencing helps in reducing costs because it targets the right customers who are going to use your product or service. 
  • Notifying your Online Presence– Geofencing helps in increasing engagement by notifying the customers to engage on social channels.
  • Wins more Customers– Geofencing keeps away the potential customers from their competitors.
  • Provides Real-Time Analytics– Geofencing makes communication between marketers and customers effectively. The sales team can pitch their offers to the customers as soon as they enter the store.
  • Improves Security– Geofencing can send out alerts if any product is stolen or when an employee leaves the premises before regular working hours.


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