Introduction : Marketing Automation

Marketing automation solutions are a popular terminology in the technology business. It is a marketing trend used for productivity and efficiency. It is widely used by many businesses. Many people are not aware of the details of marketing automation, what are the benefits of marketing automation, etc. Let us find out what the marketing automation scenario is like and what a successful marketing automation platform is.


What is Marketing Automation?


Marketing automation is the automation of tasks that otherwise consume time and has to be done repeatedly. It is a marketing software crafted for automating tasks for marketing departments and marketing agencies such as data collection, automated customer support chat, automated email newsletters, and many more.

According to statistics, between 2017 and 2018, about 58% of B2B companies wanted to use marketing automation to grow their businesses. Those who didn’t adopt marketing automation are lagging.


Is There a Bright Future for Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is beneficial for all types of business ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500s. As per statistics, marketing overhead can decrease (12.2%) while productivity can increase if one uses marketing automation. Sales could also shoot up by 50% in some cases. 


Challenges of Marketing Automation in the Future

The data given below by MarTech, a marketing technology insights company shows the challenges faced by marketers with marketing automation. 


Image Courtesy: MarTech

What can be deduced from the above data is that the majority faced difficulty in making their automation.


The Future of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation will become the best friend of marketers starting from emails to segmentation to contacts management.

  • Working budget– To implement marketing automation software, you must have a proper budget because this software is not cheap though it has become common in recent years.
  • User-friendly–  Automation is not limited to segmentation or email marketing. The report given below shows that the topmost reason for selecting a marketing automation system is software that is easy to use.
  • Tech support– A marketer can master the software but technical issues might crop up. This is when technical support is needed. According to the above report, technical support is the second reason why most marketers choose marketing automation.
  • Marketing automation has a place in content marketing– We all know that content is king. As per the report on content marketing, we can see how content marketing and automation intermingles. It can also aid in project management, editorial calendaring, content creation and optimizing it, and the development of a content management system.


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