Digital Marketing – Rising Opportunities:

There has been a huge change in the strength and volume in the growth of digital channels with the intensified use of laptops, computers and mobile phones. India has transformed this medium to a full fledged market be it social media, making purchases online or searching for information and services on Google. And as Digital Marketing is the prime source of bringing business through Internet, this dynamic industry has seen a lot of rise in its usage across India,

Man sitting with Laptop & Coffee studying Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is growing at the rate of 30% each year and as per statistics, there are more than 500 million internet users in India post 2019. India also leads the world in Facebook population. The social media channels, online portals, high speed digitization has lead to the rapid growth of digital marketing

As per research, an Indian spends approximately 4 hours a day surfing the internet which includes social media, emails. Search engine and browsers. The growth in the the market of gadgets such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets has only increased the pace of usage and allowed advertisers to reach their audience online. The internet is filled with content today that shapes people’s minds and there is a huge display of ideas through videos, text, images and more. Digital Marketing is about creating a brand’s impact over the audience with mediums of content. Digital marketers create impactful strategies to influence consumer behavior and finally translate the audience into sale

The rise in digital mediums, usage of channels has also led to the rise of digital marketers. With the growth of the industry, the demand for experts in Digital Marketing is rising too generating more employment in India and as per data, there are more than 15 lakh jobs coming up in the next 3 years.  There is a demand for creative and skilled digital marketing experts who are able to bring results for companies running their business online or trying to reach its audience over the internet. Digital Marketing is becoming a promising industry with rapid career growth, increasing influences, and widespread activities!