Will Machine Learning Kill Digital Marketing?


Unlike humans, artificial intelligence or machines are less prone to committing errors. Due to the set of instructions coded into their system, they can execute an action without resulting in chaos. A job or position in the marketing department can be replaced by artificial intelligence or a machine is only when someone refuses to adapt to new changes in the industry. Learn digital marketing and increase the skills and knowledge in digital marketing domain. Improvement in professional’s knowledge and can quickly adapt to changes by learning new skills paved by artificial intelligence. Updating yourself with advancements in technology can bring you a long way and also keeps you prepared for changes and help to improve the company’s sales.

Machine learning cannot completely replace digital marketing jobs for now but in fact it has created more jobs than before in the marketing department as it produces new skills to master and new positions to be filled in. Learn digital marketing with the best digital marketing course in Guwahati to excel in the digital marketing domain. For the time being, people who can maintain AI machines or people to write code for artificial intelligence will be hired by the companies.




Why Can’t Machine Replace Marketing Professionals?


The use of artificial intelligence in digital marketing is increasing from time to time and it has been adopted by multiple organizations, small businesses, and even professionals. Artificial intelligence or machines only enhances the job of digital marketers and assists them with their day-to-day needs. Creative problem solving involved in any profession cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence as humans are creative thinkers and no machine can replicate the human brain which is a complex thing.

Artificial intelligence isn’t capable of creating music, painting landscapes, editing photos and videos using the best video editing software or inventing something. It cannot answer complicated questions but are built for repetitive tasks, it can be used to collect data and analyze it and also assist but it is not designed to take the final decision, develop plans and strategies or tasks as they require critical thinking. They gather information such as age, gender, location, interests, and more. Marketing professionals use this data to help them come up with an effective ad.

Digital marketing experts should update themselves with the basic and latest knowledge in their industry and for beginners it is very important to learn digital marketing and taking up the best digital marketing course in Guwahati for gaining all the skills and knowledge in digital marketing domain. As new trends emerge, they need to stay up to date, learn current technology, and level up their skills to stay relevant and ready to provide solutions.